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– Oh, jealous! with a smile, said his wife.

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By mid-afternoon we have met our neighbors really were athletes, they came to rest before the competition.

Common language found quickly, the more that were almost colleagues, I am a child judo, sambo and they …
Later in the afternoon, sitting in the boat, I corner of his eye, he began to see how on the shore, my darling, and came to the guys about something chatted with them for a long time.

I woke up again a wild desire mixed with jealousy. I quickly landed on the shore, a little sat around the campfire with his wife and children, and left the tent.

The wife of another half hour giggling next to the boys and went to me …
– Funny guys!

I never thought that the athletes more and head on your shoulders there.
– Not only the head, but the head, and not only on the shoulders …

– Well, you’re jealous! Live sex chat bangla.

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