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– Listen, you know why …

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– Oh yeah – caught on Light. – Visiting was the girl from the department that you like?

Faith sighed:
– No, you do that. I say, I even think about it I am afraid that somehow she hinted there or do not know …

Let them all be as it is.
– Let it be so … – willingly confirmed Light, and at that moment the doorbell rang.

Faith threw the dishes:
– Who else is there? – She said, wiping her hands.
– I’ll get!

I’ll get! – Light stammered and ran into the hallway.
When Vera came to the door, there was a girlfriend, some beautiful girl in a light makeup and Ambala in a leather jacket.

– You what, two? – Asked the man.
– No, no, – said Light – This is the birthday girl, and now I’m leaving!

– Hey, what’s going on here ?! – Outraged Vera.
– Then at me and go, so it was understandable.

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