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My name is Oleg, I am eighteen years of punk, I athletic build and always lightly beaten unshaven face, scruffy long hair down to his shoulders …. I was a little disappointed not quite succeeding booze, people were not enough, drink, too, and girls could not pick up ….

I already was finishing when I noticed in my direction is silhouette of a girl, it was a girl of fifteen, we somehow got acquainted with her in a local park, and even invited them to her friends and to our hut …

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– Hello.

I greeted drunken voice.
– Well hello she said.

She was also seen slightly on the fun …
– Well, you do not go, we were invited, I asked with a smile …

– Yes you know how it was zapadlo shove into your pissing basement. ..with light mockery she said bold voice. Desi naked live chat.

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