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– Do not in that sense.

I mean you do with it is not that …?

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– And, is it? How!

– Well, as you like?
– Why, especially when I have it, well, how shall I say, sucked in!

Only with her I learned what sex is.
– Lucky same – Lyoshka sighed. – And she has a beautiful body?

– She’s such a slim, muscular! And her breasts soft and elastic!

But most of all I am pleased that the bottom of the …
The last was said rather loudly, Julia slowed expressively looked at Maxim, he blushed and went on to discuss the merits of his lover and his friend a semitone below.

– And how do you think it will give me? – Asked Lyoshka – I want to try!
– Go to a prostitute, Lёh.

She’s my wife, the future, I did not let anyone! Try only sunsya! – Suddenly snapped Maxim. Chatsex indo.

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