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– What are you …

Oh, you, the Light, you are still very young and very beautiful, besides. I guess you’re right, why in the forest vykat.

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And I very much likes you.
– That’s good, at least one in the village likes me, but I really thought that was the very old woman, all alone Svetlana V., even older.

Come on, what?
– Go Light.
Fifteen minutes later, Bear showed her first logging site, and when she wanted to go and count the trees with out cutting to collect resin, he laughingly told her that it was not required, as in his area, he knows how involved trees on each plot .
– If you do not believe, then you can be counted, of course, but still the result will be the same, as I say.

On this plot I have hundred fifty-three wood, which I tested and maintained in two days. Chaterbate india.

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