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Half an hour later, when it came to dancing, I pretended to be drunk, leaned back in his chair and began listlessly poking a fork on the plate, showing the coordination of movements and the desire to sleep.

Tatiana on the contrary, excited and flushed with drink ruff – rushed into the middle of the room.

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In short, the second dance I finally “broke”.

Tatiana tried to pull at me, and I just muttered:
– I want to go home. Sleep.

Leaving attempts rasterebit me, Tatiana unhappy eyes looked at Svetku:
– Here we go again. All holiday broke.

Have to go.
And then, like a jack out of the bottle there was Helen.

– Yes, you stay, Aunt Tanya, I’ll take it – the script worked!
After hesitating a little, Tatiana nodded
– Okay, come on.

You put him in office. Let there sleeping.

– Yup! – Helen deftly grabbed me and hearing the following toast to the back, arm in arm, we walked to the exit. Chat sex online usa.

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