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Chat rubate. Misha guessed -why, and looked with interest at Lena.

She sat modestly downcast eyes. Interesnenko! …

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– What is Lena? – The mother of a little confused.
– Our Lena – sister pointed to the nurse.

– How is it? – Mother was completely confused.
– Well, she also put a vacation, and together we will be more fun – Nadia blushed even more.

Mother interpreted her confusion on the.
– So, you do not want to take with you brother? – His mother was a little confused – and besides – who will watch Joan?

You’re going away for three weeks! Nadia, Lena, I do not understand how it all …

– Mom! – Misha interrupted. His subconscious struck a brilliant idea – And let me sit with Jeanne, and they let them go ?!
– What’s this? – Surprised his mother.

– I still do not want to go anywhere, and you give me five hundred bucks for it pay. Chat rubate.

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