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However, it is not surprising – the winter and the flu – everything, as always. Writhing like a snake turn the current trickle of blood that dripped from Sasha’s hand (leaving the door, stuck to her local dog and hurt her finger).

So they had to buy more and bandage. Although, why?

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It is still today, will not … The thought of Alexander became ill at ease.

Finally, when all began to move, he heard a conversation between two old ladies. One, who was dressed in a gray coat and a white cap, was a neighbor of Sasha on the porch.

Her name was Maria Nikolaevna. Interlocutor made a strange old woman of eighty years, dressed up in a white scarf and brown suede boots.

– I heard that noneshnie year we retired to add – spoke Maria Nikolaevna.
– From whom did you hear that? Sexvideochatting.


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