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Japan sex chat. Natasha soon ceased to look at him, lay on the seat and has already become a nap, when suddenly his voice rang out:
– – And for what purpose you are going in the N-ck?

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It was so unexpected that she even flinched. The stranger was hoarse, as if he had long since the last time anyone spoke.

– – I work for a construction company in the department, which conducts tenders for the purchase of building materials. In the N-sk is one plant.

I’m going to enter into a treaty with them.
– – This is probably very interesting – to work for a construction company – ironically replied the stranger. – My name is Alex, I am also going to the N-ck on a business trip.

Drip sluggish conversation about the weather, cities that was Alex, work, and other nonsense. He was not married, and about the same age with Natasha, graduated, was fond of sambo, a lot of work – said that saving up for a “change in life”; What – did not elaborate. Japan sex chat.

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