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Intim chat. This time it was a schoolgirl outfit: golfiki, white thong, short plaid mini skirt, white blouse and a small light red tie.

Changed relatively quickly and went to the girls.
– And here is our student.

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– Christina and I thought and decided to give you a gift, toy, – said Alexander.
– Thank you, Madam. – I thanked them.

– On your knees.
I obeyed and stood in front of Sasha on his knees.

– Close your eyes.
Also performed, without further ado.

Then he felt that I wear something on your neck. Perhaps, I thought, for the image of some jewelry.

But after a few seconds I heard a click and opened his eyes.
– Well, I think it is – Christine said appreciatively.

– I think so too – commented Alex.
I felt in the neck that something like a collar, which was closed at the back clasp large. Intim chat.

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