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So no!
Throwing off his coat off his shoulders and unfastened braces, I stretch out on the back.

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Blushing, Frosya kneels to face me and taken to unbutton pants, then pants. Lifting the pelvis, I help her pull them from the hips.

– We had to remove the shoes more, but let’s not lose this time – I say. – What should follow next? What maketh me Shura?

Or you it was somehow different?
– I do not know – she said distractedly.

– And who knows, my dear? Took time to fill up my education, so be gracious, go! ..

Seeing that she continues to be undecided, I decide to help her, again resorting to a reminder of it has undoubtedly gained by the experience:
– What are you stopped, as if never seen men prichindalov – neither Alexander K., in the village on lads?
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