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She should tell her, so that she erased in the computer’s memory about the evening call. Then the police, checking phone calls from home Tierney will not be able to prove that the escort service sent someone in this house.

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Ilsa picked up the phone on the second ring. Karen pleaded for help.

At the other end hung deathly silence.
– Can you hear me? – Karen shouted.

– I’ll be right there – the reply was followed by nothing.
Forty-five minutes later, Karen noticed “BMW” Ilsa, coming to the house with the lights extinguished.

Karen ran from the porch just at the moment when Ilsa opened the door. Crying, hugged the woman, but she whispered, “Not here.

Let’s go into the house.” Karen literally pushed into the hall and shut the door.
– Where is he? – She asked imperiously. Hot aunty for chat.

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