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Creaking door, the heat, the scent of trees and flowers. You lower me into a chair.

I feel your gaze.

Remove the bandage native ..

Slowly pull together … its cozy wood-paneled room, brightly burning fireplace, covered with a light table. On the floor a few vases with flowers and all.

Bring me a glass of wine and sit down at my feet.
– You’re like this?

I saw it in your eyes.
– Today will be our little paradise.

Thank you darling.
You gently take off my shoes and start to knead my feet.

Sweet languor covers the body. Your hands slide all over my legs, stroking his knees.

I lean to you, take in the palm of your face and start gently kissing you. A shiver runs all over your body.

You rise dragging me along and start to kiss hungrily losing his head with passion. Fuck girlchat com.

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