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His cock was more than twenty centimeters, but this is not the worst. He had such a large diameter that I was scared.

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-Now You know what means to stretch – he chuckled.
Fear gave me courage.

I pushed him away and ran to the door. But it was locked.

I found the strength and that is urine screamed. But inside the trailer was lined with something soft, and on the street playing music and I have no one heard or did not want to hear.

Well, and where are you going, bitch?
He came up and hit me.

I fell and lost consciousness. I woke up from a terrible pain between her legs.

His cock entered me and began to move. It seemed to me that he will break me.

Fortunately he made a few movements and finished right at me. He dressed, and I continued to lie on the floor with her legs spread.

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