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Oksana approvingly looked at and said, “That’s done. Now you will have to call Xu.

And you must respond only to that name. Do you understand?”. “Yes Mistress” – immediately replied the girl.

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Ms. pressed the button-roof on the table, and soon the room quickly became a woman of average height who curtsied came to the table, and stood at attention, waiting for instructions.
“Nancy, – said Mrs. nodded at the man sitting in front of Oksana, is a Xu, brand new.

It is necessary to bring him into the sanitary inspection, to determine a common group, and the rules of behavior in our school.” “Yes, Mistress” – Nancy said. On his belt hung her whip-semihvostka.

In the pocket of her skirt, something rattled area, and light. Nancy went to the wall, pulled from his pocket a bunch of keys, and select the desired unlocked lock mounted in the last link in the chain, which Oksana was chained to the wall. Live chatroulette sexchat.

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