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Boldly lie that Lizhen from Romania and only two days, as signed. Completely voluntary, in sound mind and memory.

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– Romania voluntarily, very good – pulls Karl, looking Irku. And then he says something in a foreign language to me, vaguely reminds me whether Latin, or Italian.

Ira smartly answered him in the same language. Carl nods with satisfaction.

– A Lotta froylyan also from Romania? You have a good German!

Lying about what I am Czech. In response, he is interested in Czech, where I come from.

Tell him about České Budějovice, the benefit once was there, and studied at Philology Czech.
– Hmm, Czech and Romanian!

And I was told that Frau Dort scored Russian girls.
Modestly silent in response to this comment, especially since the end of the phrase is in Russian! Hot chattings mallu.

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