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I met all the inhabitants of the estate, as the hosts and guests, both men (I already knew that my stepfather and his brother are in vacation) and ladies. Girls showed deliberate modesty, do without hugs and kisses and limited demonstrative Knicks.

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And the first news that my mother taken aback, seeing in my veranda, was as follows:
– As you know, in your room Tanya and I have placed their maids. So, now we have moved into their room Petit and Pete sat down next to you.

Maybe you it may seem inconvenient, but what else we did not have.
– Thank you, Mom, for your concern! – I can not stand. – It would be better again sent me to Rastorguevo.

There, at least, to take better care of me and showed more attention.
– You mean Elizabeth Lvovna? Freewebcams.


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