Freehindichat. That rob the country is not good that the money – it’s evil, and that corruption, which plunged Uncle Jora, no good will not.

At first, his former comrade on it all just grinned and laughed it off, but then the kitchen, where there was all this business, I went.
I was in his usual home clothes: pants and a light rosy white T-shirt on his bare chest.

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Uncle Jora looked at me and paused in mid-sentence. It was as if he did not recognize me.

Quickly casting a look at me from head to toe, he repeated the movement of the eye again – but much slower. He undressed me a look like, and I shyly looked down, struggling to squeeze out:
– Hello, Uncle Jora.

The kitchen hung tense pause, which lasted a few seconds, and then Uncle Jora said thoughtfully:
– A filly then this will pohlesche than was her mother. Freehindichat.


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