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He darkened more and more, until the daughter showered him with words of love and gratitude. Oppression remorse father led to the fact that he blew it.

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– You’re not a girl and you’re protected. You’ve got someone there?

– Dad, do not talk about it.
– I asked the question!
– Yes I Am.

I have a boyfriend. But it does not matter.

Between us there is nothing serious. I Swear.

We’re just good friends.
– Friends do not fuck!
– Pa, I’m an adult.

And between us Kolya nothing else will. After all, I now have you!

– Yes, you know, what you say ?! I – your father !!
– So what? Dads!

I love you! And you me. Would be here …

– Shut up !, – he sat down and put his head in his hands – God, what have I done ?? !!
– You made me the happiest woman in the world! Belarus girls sex chat.

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