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I licked his midnight and then hid in a poly bag.
On the sixth day Julia already looked straight at me.

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Once, twice took it without taking his eyes from me. The third time, she showed me the middle finger.

Fuck! I was happy and glad. And fingers glad grimace and irritation.

On the seventh day Chicherin gave me a gift. She spoke to me: – You Th trash here, a fan ?! If prior to the return will not fall down, personally otpinayu!

I replied to this silly joyful mug.
And in the evening I was waiting for the return of Yulia’s already in the stairwell.

Under her door.
When the elevator doors opened on the site immediately swam perfume and alcohol.

Fortunately for me Julia was one.
– Oh, it’s you, you freak!

Remember what I told you today? – Julia was on topic, skinny jeans and heavy boots. Arabsex chat.

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