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And so the waiting was painful. But the fact that the bulldozer come up with a girlfriend, they could not even imagine.

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Lena pressed the remote and began to play a quiet, relaxing music.
– Dance! – She gestured toward the room.

Boys have gradually started to sway, entering in their familiar fast rhythms.
– No, no!

Not so! Listen to music. Soft, pleasant rhythms.

You have hearing problems? – She leaned forward in exasperation – Draw something a slow, sexy.
Guys lost.

They – and sexy! But had to obey.

And they’re funny and awkward, angular steel to move the body. Their members, fallen by the time dangling from side to side.

Only gradually they became accustomed and a taste.
– A girls – they shouted Lena – you already better at it! Arab vedio chat.

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