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– Vic, you forced me to confirm my words …

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– Enough …
– …

I naplel some stories about that …
– Enough!
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What did you do in the morning when killed Marina! Damn it hell, whoever she was!

– Enough !!!
– … And you’re asking me not to say anything ?!

Benjamin stood at the window and his solemn and terrible flashes of lightning lit up. Thoughtfully walked to and fro, his hands in his trouser pockets.

Pale and tense, he did not seem to find the words to express his feelings of overwhelm.
Rain still poured down rapidly, prickly jets.

Wind rushed forward, catching up on the shore of the cold wave.
– Tell me what’s going on with you?

I want you to tell me everything, because I need to know what to do next …
– Get out! – I uttered. – To leave. Arab nude chats.

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