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– So, you say, do not you?

Where, then, does it come from?

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– Vera?

Yes for sure out of that corner … Up there, if a ladder, such books can be found! …

Before his exile in Rastorguevo I had to hold in your hand two or three … That’s reading, I tell you! .. But this to me hand did not come across … read give? ..
– Tisha you!

Petya wake … Let’s go …
In the corridor, Aunt Tanya takes my hand and leads to the stairs.

Stops there. I leaned against the railing and said:
– Can you imagine, I – adult female, married, a lot of things to see – and it came so excited after reading only a few pages, I did not know what to do with myself …

– So I have not thought that when I came in, it will force you to stop doing something like masturbation …
– I’m not about myself … Www freesexchat com.

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