Webcampsex. Alina when doing the dressing, I noticed irritation.

– What itches?

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– Yes, damn urine is not tolerated.

– Be patient so a few days longer to grow back stop using drugs.
– What now?

Itches after. Nafig all shaved off?

– If it were not shaved, now would catch a buzz when I had with a bandage kept her hair. Come smazhem something than itch stops, lowered his pants and lie down on the couch.

I lowered so that members remained inside. Alina brought and put it on a small stool bottle, then yanked my pants down, so that my end fell out and began to rub my skin pubic something sticky and cold with a strange smell.

Initially quite irritated skin burned, I even hissed, but Alina did everything so tenderly that I soon relaxed, but my dick, hung sadly these days after the operation began to show signs of life. “Signs of Life” remarked Alina, she smiled and pulled my pants almost to his chin, said:
– All good little by little, tomorrow night I’m in, will come in the evening – more anoint. Webcampsex.


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