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I do not know how long it lasted, five, ten minutes or forever, but he finally straightened up and looked quite at his work.

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– Well, you and damn! – Roman laughed and spat on my vagina.

Guys let me go and went to the table for the next portion of vodka. They gaily, looking at me and calling me a whore and this whore.

I tried to see what was to write a novel in my pubic hair, but saw only smeared blood.
They drank, ate, and Roman ordered to untie me.

I barely sat down on the bed. Immediately my hand stuck half a glass of vodka and forced to drink.

I spit a little vodka in his hand and rubbed crotch. For disinfection.

Burning sensation caused me to wince at that Alex immediately responded:
– You do not like? Whore – she and Africa damn! – And guffawed at his own joke. Sexchatting cheats.

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