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– Pass, sir.

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It was only after she got me into the apartment and closed the door. Furnishing was already familiar to me, at least two of its rooms, because they made my slut photos.

I was concerned that one of the rooms was light.
– Anybody home?

I asked her a whore.
– Do not pay attention, Sir, this is my whore-husband!

I have come a light stupor. First she called her husband, did not hesitated and slukavila, she really believed in what she said.

Secondly, a man in a subordinate position, it was a shock for me. Third, how can he allow such actions of his wife.

– How dare you speak like that about a man? My voice sounded tinny.

– Sir, let me show you the cause of our differences, and you’ll understand …
– Come on … (and for what you doubted my right, I will punish you yet …)
– Honey, I’m home, come, please, I’m not alone … Sex chat online usa.

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