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– I hope that I’m sheltered at home, you do not deprive me of such tenderness?

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– This is something new!

Never had such a hearing.
– Do not have to? And from their children?

– But this is my children. By the way, that’s their bedroom, walk in and it is located in.

Good night.
We are standing at the open door of her.

I’m trying to grab her hand, but she pulls it and says:
– What are you stubborn, boy! But, alas, I really must visit his wife zanemogshego.

– And then?
– Let’s wait till tomorrow!

She once again pulls his hand from mine, turns and walks away, shaking, as if in surprise and bewilderment head. And at a considerable distance turns around and sends me a kiss.

Not knowing how to interpret this signal as just wish good night or more, I thought I go in the room allotted to me and slowly begin to disrobe and stowed. Sex chat one on one.

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