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When my mom came out, I thought – now everything is exactly true.

My mother was a very frank and erotic dress. She wore shoes with very high heels, black stockings, red and black panties and red corset.

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All kind of mom left no doubt that she was going to do. My cock was cramped in his pants.

I said:
– Wow! Mom, how do you look great! So sexy!

– I am very glad that you like me. – Smiled and said my mother.
She sat next to me at the table.

Poured a little bit of wine in glasses.
– Well, son, let’s drink to our new relationship with you?

To all we have gone well?
– Yes, Mom! Let’s drink!

I took the glass and drank it. The wine was very tasty.

Degrees in it was quite small, it was more like grape juice. Perhaps it was expensive – I thought then.

Mother also drank his glass, set it, and then kissed me. Not free sex chat.

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