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But it is getting quieter and quieter.

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A pond, merging with the stars, look beckoning and sad eyes.
All night the unfortunate Hercules wandered through the woods and went so far from the sea that could not hear what was happening on the ship.

Thank the gods of Olympus!
The stars still shone brightly and winked.

But cool breeze ran along the shore, touched drowsy sea waves, stood near the dying fire, trying in vain to remove the flame. Crimson reflections become a little brighter.

Soon, however, darkened even more.
Frivolous breeze sprang up and flew toward the woods.

Barely noticeable lemon strip slowly began to spread at the junction of sea and sky. She became yellow, then pink.

And the red ball of the sun, pushing the darkness, rising higher and higher.
“Argo” was already ready to sail. Multichat gay.

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