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SUV drove about a kilometer by country settlements and stopped at a massive reinforced with sheet iron gate of a three-story mansion.

Samir, sitting behind the wheel twice briefly signaled. Seemed guard, he welcomed the guests and opened the gate leaf, and stepped aside, letting the car.

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After a few meters, the car stopped at the porch. Samir killed the engine.

Opened the front door and porch were three men. They slowly approached the jeep.

– Hello, Samir, hello dear! You brought me what I asked for? – Asked one of them – a tall, burly man of about forty, dressed in black pants and a white shirt.

He handed withdrawn from the machine hand to shake.
– Yes, Vic brought.

– Well, show me! Where Lёhin a present? – Asked impatiently owner of the mansion.

– The suitcase in the trunk.
– It’s there, hour, choked, eh? – Asked Victor. Freelivexxx webcam.

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