Chate. We drank, laughed, looked at the stars, and that’s when all the pretty get drunk, in other words it can not be called, everyone began to spread through the tents.

I dragged my brother in his tent. and he said that go to sleep in the open air, postilil bed sheet, stuck the headphones in their ears and began to count the stars. After a while I fell asleep and woke up to the fact that someone – that pulls me by the hand.

I opened my eyes I saw Vick. She pulled my hand, I did not understand what was happening, but I got up and went silent after her.

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– Where are we going? – I asked
– Now he’ll see.
We walked through the woods and on what – that moment flashed the thought that she serial maniac.

But I was wrong …
– All we have come.

She stopped
– And what do we do here? – I asked in disbelief.
– I’m the only one who did not gave you a gift.

– Well, okay, me too great crime – trying to politely say that nothing terrible has happened
– No, I will give you a gift. Chate.


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