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I immediately had doubts about that, but I did not voice them.

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– Continue? – I asked, running his hand on her leg.
– I think that we are too frisky began – she said. – Although I like it, I still think we should slow down.

Today I’m going home.
Yeah? – I could not believe my ears.

-Yes I Am. You can see me off.

-Let You holding your secretary-I was angry – I have other plans for today.

‘I think they’ve already not touch.
– Are you mad?

How sweet – she smiled sarcastically. However, do as you please.

Not a word more to say, I left.
– Damn – I walked down the street, not knowing where.

She thinks that with me, you can do whatever she pleases, that’s really dick. Thought about it and did not leave me.

What attracted me so? Sex? Yes, of course, but it was hardly a basis.

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