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– Now is the most interesting moment – said Mishin mom.

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They all four – mother, father, Mike and Jeanne – sat in front of TV and watched the record, which was due to treacherously set Misha camera.

– Lena! Misha! – Came from the screen surprised her mother’s voice.

Lena tried to jump sharply, but could not resist rolls onto its side. She grabbed the edge of the blanket and tried to cover them with their bare breasts.

The screen went down back overshadowed mother. Overview closed, but we could hear the roars and Jeanne something is trying to tell Lena:
– Nina, Lena -heard voice – I do not know …

I can not – onaslovno begged for mercy ….
– Mom, it’s our fault, do not be angry – the voice of Misha on the screen was calm. Sex chating live nombar.

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