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They sat in a cocoon for the tenth day.

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At first, coming to himself, they could not figure out where they are. They thought that this extension stashnogo sleep, nightmares.

Though – where did the night? What a nightmare?

It was Sunday, twelve hours of the day, hot and sunny. They first sunbathing, swimming in the river, then wandered into the meadow grass that tickled so nice hips, catching butterflies …

Now they have time to remember all the smallest details. But nothing clear, threatening, even though the country …

That’s really what Marina seemed as if the grass had a huge wing. Well, maybe a little on the dark polkopeyki – but this could be a cloud?

And Valentine, so he likes her to hunt with a net, and did not notice.
They woke up in the soft, as if even the incorporeal space limited featureless, slightly pulsating walls of which sadly oozed a kind of twilight.

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