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At the table in the office sat a man, 25 years old, must have just graduated from college. “Undress,” – he said the girls. Lisa, that other girl started to unbutton her blouse and removed her skirt, followed suit and Rima.

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Soon both girls were in their underwear.
“Girls,” – said the doctor, vzgyanuv on them – “I told to undress, but do not remove the top underwear!

Come here!” Girls come. “Take off your bra!” – He commanded Rimma. For the first time in its 13-year life she showed the man’s chest.

After a moment, Lisa has also remained without a bra, and the eyes of Dr. Rima and brought two large, firm breasts with small, very dark, swollen papillae.

Meanwhile, the doctor pulled off Lisa’s panties and began to feel her beautiful ass. Mobile cam sex chats.

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