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Despite the heat, a lot of tossing, I finally threw back the blanket to sleep.

And wakes me cry:

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– Mr. schoolboy!
I opened my eyes and saw the room included some young and very pretty woman and freezes near the bed.

At-peeping, I know it: it is the maid, who had just returned from vacation. In her hand she had a glass of water, but her eyes aspiration on my personal belongings (obviously in a dream, I tossed and turned so that the shirt ridden up to the navel).

View my proboscis apparently so impressed her that she froze as gro¬mom defeat.
I vigorously rub my eyes, leaps to his feet and, before … the maid time to get to the door, gently but firmly close it and leans back on her.

– Oh, it’s you? The hostess will be angry if he found out.

– She’s already got?
– No More.
– And you woke my neighbor?
– No.

– Who knows you’re here?
– The cook. Mobiel video sex chat.

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