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Comes up to me a very interesting young man.
– Olga, is that you?

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I Oleg – he starts a conversation.
Now, seeing his eyes, all my fear disappeared and I began to feel like my pants started to get wet.

Without waiting for my answer, he continued:
– The equipment in the car, let’s go, no time to lose.
I nodded in agreement, and we headed for the exit of the subway.

Got into the car, drove in silence. Here we turned into the yard.

Stop at the dilapidated house. Oleg pulls hardware and begins to wade through the ruins of an abandoned building, I follow him.

We climb to the top floor (5th), a feeling that the roof of this building have never been: the entire room is flooded with sunlight.
– How can you beautiful – I say.

– Well, you’re so imagined our meeting, – said Oleg, a friendly smile – well, I brought the carpet, pillows! Local sex chat numbers.

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