Livehomechat. He is also a little more expensive due to the greater availability of space and jacuzzi, but in this case we ask for an extra charge will not.

As compensation, so to speak. Yes, one more thing.

There’s only one bed.

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– One?

But you know what I went with my daughter?
– I understand, but it is very broad.

2, 5 meters. You can divide the rolls.

Besides, it’s only temporary, I hope. Once a suitable room available, we …

– It is impossible !, – Sasha cut off and looked at her daughter.
That, to his amazement, looked more cheerful.

It seems that the prospect of sleeping with his father in the same bed, she’s not worried. On the contrary, he noticed a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

Sasha looked at the girl.
– Dad, yes consent! Who cares?

And then move out.
– Are you sure?
– And what of it?



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