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He jumped up, standing in front of me. Grabbed by the hair with one hand, and the other a couple of times drochnuv:

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– Ebalo open wider.

I opened his mouth wide, putting it in one gulp of hot cum. Part semen fell on the face, filling his eyes, cheeks, chin.

After three or four servings of sperm flow almost dried up.
– Swallow.

Sperm was really delicious, as I expected. Igor pushed his club in my mouth, giving the last drop of semen.

– Uh, ebana in the mouth, so I probably have never finished. And you young man, a good student.

Aspirated great. Cum ponravilat?

Or are you not the first time konchalovo swallow?
– At first.

– So like? – My fucker took my chin and lifted my head so that I looked into his eyes.
– Yes I Am.

– Will you behave, you’ll suck every day, and more than once … Chaty sex.

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