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Came the next day, they were waiting for us at the car at the appointed time, we wondered thrown into the trunk of a change of clothes that would have stopped there to change clothes in the store and bought something that had come to rest first started with Angela MAIL behaved normally, not defiantly, but soon when drunk faster than everyone started dancing dvoem, laugh out loud, bloated after a while they all do not hesitate, we began to hint at sex, at first just to hint Anfisa then just sat on my knees, began to kiss his neck, biting his earlobe ear, hand climb under a T-shirt, trying to get his hand in my pants, whispering in my ear that she wants me and Angela sat down on his knees to Anton

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Well, I have not seen, well understood as Angela did the same as Anfisa I could not resist, we Anfiskoy went to the house which was removed there was a bunch of bedrooms, we went to the one entered as started kissing passionately on the move undressed each other, from her smelled the sweet scent, she had a light pink lace bra, such as lace thong me is even more excited I threw her on the bed, took off his pants, pulled out jeans gum, walked over to her, I was a member already gave her full condom, she looked at me, smiled mysteriously and began to pull on my cock it and then took off her underwear and lay on her back, I was poking from the top began her term in CIMS, she shivered a little, but I continued to slowly introduce it then began to move back and forth, back and forth, first we just breathed heavily, then I increased the speed, she began fingernails scratching my back and scream from time to time then I have sped up, she began to cry harder to scratch my back, it lasted around 20 minutes, 2 times she came, then I’m very tired, we have changed our position, it was now the top
through a certain period of time I had finished, as it is almost at the same time we lay on the bed, smoking, lying with satisfied and tired faces and then we left the house while we were having sex, we sobered, came out, everyone was okay drunk who is preparing kebabs, someone just nabuhivalsya, someone told stories but I was already poher I do not even interesting to where now Anton and Angela even though I was sure that he fucks her somewhere but as it turned out it was not that he got drunk and went to call his ex, which 1, 5 years met and parted 3 months ago, he went to the territory tur.bazy, and talking on the phone while the second question appeared where Angela while I helped former classmates cook barbecue, Anfisa went to look for Angela
it took a while, I do not drink by the fact that it is necessary to understand fully sober, you may have to go home by the fact that Anfisa said that if Anton than dropped, or let Angela, it is no problem to collect all the things, and stupidly go foot home and Anton was drunk heavily, so I’ll have no right to risk it took a while, I lost sight of him, Anton went to the bottom of the lake to look for while I went down to the beach, heard from left by himself in the woods some noise I went to the other side, I saw what that headquarters, which is not a big wooden building there is a well with spring water) when I went to closer, I saw my classmate Vlad Angela fucked in the mouth then I found Anfisa told her everything together we laughed at this spectacle) while watching them
then we went for a walk in the evening at the lake this evening Angela saw a couple of times in all, I began to realize that we have with MAIL was not just sex, but what we will probably relations) and I was right about that later
evening, Anton was not fully adequate, Angela hanging out with her new lover, the night we slept with Anfiskoy again, went home in the morning since we began to meet with MAIL met before the end of August, and then she went to Peter learns we decided to part with Since then, ie almost 2 months I’m talking about, not what it heard Angela slept that night not only to Vlad about this I was told classmates not so long ago, at the next meeting of this might write the following story now I think, can call with Angela is the next meeting with classmates)

After the end of the first year I went to the South, in Sochi. Chats online ponr.

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