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– Well, what are you, come and learn.

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Mary shook her head:
– No, I’m afraid I then somehow. Better in bed.

I jokingly pulled her ties heats and opened her pubis, Masha did not overshadow and I saw a completely different haircut in the form of a lily with three petals, stalk which abuts the clitoris. Also began to grow around the stray hair and I realized that the sisters cut their hair at the same time.

I put my palm on the pubis Masha and said:
– At the hairdresser’s time.
– And do not say, she said, throwing my arm out of the heats already sticking out, who used to shave.

– And there is no problem, I said, I have a cool razor-Vest.
– Maybe borrow for the evening.

– No, only with myself if I will be your personal hairdresser. Chating sex grial.

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