Chatalternative. Inside I still tense.

Seemed to touch me – and I’m bursting how to restring string.
– Give me the cloak! – He held out his hand.

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And gave them all my cloak!
He he was nearly snatched from the hands and threw it at his feet.

Obtёr on his shoes and with an impudent grin stared at me.
– Sit down on his haunches. – I’m still standing. – You Th, do not you understand?

I had to sit down. But as I was on his heels, then I sat down, legs spread wide – otherwise it was impossible to sit down.

Of course, all my property clambered out, delighting the eye Cop. He hiccupped loudly.

– And now, bitch, sing “The Forest Raised a Christmas Tree.” – The police laughed again, accompanying his boss, and waited with interest to continue. I was silent.

– Sing, bitch! – He growled, pouring blood, and reached out to me. Chatalternative.


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