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That change I smoked three cigarettes in a row.
After that, there was a lull, Natasha did not even attempt to talk to me.

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Gone holidays, half of which I spent in bed with Olka. Then one day, after one of the couples we had two windows.

The group scattered in all directions. Olga went with my friends, go shopping, the boys went to drink beer.

And I found an empty audience and decided to prepare for the offset. Laid out his and began to scribble, has been, to a repetition of the material.

Here the front door creaked, and I saw on the threshold of old age with a bottle of “Longer”. “Well, at last we are alone” – said Natasha. She turned to the door and locked it. “Well, what’s next?” – I asked sarcastically. “Who will know” – smiling, said Natalie. Bogacam chat live.

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