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Voice did not obey her.
– I hesitate … And how embarrassed.

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You think you know how one shy?
He held Lea, kissing her lips with his face and eyes, if he did not dare to kiss her lightly.

Lea hung on his hands, looking at him – and suddenly smiled at him.
Smile was so desperate, happy, dazzling, terrified, swollen with tears of delight, desire, fear, and God knows what else – that Ricky gasped and stared at her lips.

Suddenly collapsed all the barriers, and they Lea entwined in a furious licking com, spilling out all that languished inside. Game over: Ricco carried Lea, writhing, biting her and hugged him in the house.

It was dark, and he walked slowly, stopping at every step and plunging into the bubbling caress Lea … Webcamfree mobail.

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