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Morel assent bowed his head.

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– What about … the second part of our contract? – Cold and indifferent asked the prince.
Morel silently handed him a miniature box.

Opening it, the prince saw a modest tiny gold ring with a drop of emerald.
– Well, then … well, – said the prince calmly, although his face is something tense. – You will get good value for your work.

– Thank you … – Morel again bowed his head. – But … I refuse money …

I think what you paid for … I was assigned to the princess.

In the evening for dinner Catherine was sad.
– Honey, you have something bothering you? – Almost sympathetically asked the prince.

– No … no, no … all right … I do not want to have – somehow she replied absently.

He suddenly stood up, walked over to her and put on the table a small box.
– I think you are concerned about the loss of this? – Said in his usual voice cracking. Webcam sex chat 3gp.

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