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After a minute and a half, I realized that he turned off the light, but it was still light.

I turned around. He was sitting in my very head, in a room lit candles.

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My face lay member on his hip. I am sizes did not navigate, but would say that it was 20 * 4. Later I realized that I was still very lucky.

– Suck it, darling! – He said quite gently.
– I do not want – I said, looking at him askance.

– And you do not ask, sweet mouth! Want fist on your little face fucking get it? – At least he said softly.

He took my head completely limp and stuck in my mouth his cock. He was soft on the outside but inside it looked very hard.

And immediately felt this painfully familiar salty taste.
– Main teeth do not touch – to learn it.

I began to suck. Slowly. – The language of the head surface. – He explained during my snoshaniya in the mouth. – Lips tightly. Situs webcam chat sex.

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