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Midnight, as if in a fairy tale.

Time disembodiment princes and sexual macho in pimply toads, coaches and limousines beaten in life “Lada”, and brilliant costumes in filthy rags dressing gowns. The contact time of the worlds of the living and the dead, the contact matrix with reality.

Deserted deserted subway meets the dim light dusty ceiling. Truly the underworld, where for each column curly evil lurk where there is no trace today’s warm summer night.

Here I am. Running among the painful glare matte, knocking out power and shivering under a translucent fabric easy to pay.

Run as not flee from death, run only from the Devil, or bored by his own life. Ears filled with the clicking of heels on the granite, flying to the beat of the heart. Sexchatting.


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