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Grabbing Nastya’s ear, got up and began to scold:
– Someone tried to persuade me, who on his knees and begged?

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Do not you mean?
– Oh, you parshivka, pale grebe!

– Run in coaching, now you have me get – to the full! – Oksana cursing.
Giving acceleration in the ass Nasty escaping.

Oksana smiled at me and
– Bob, everything is Okay, come to us in a few minutes.
I umyal picnic washed down with tonic.

The girls have bought a lot of things to eat. Went into coaching.

Upon entering I saw an interesting picture:
Oksana sat on the leather couch, Nastia was kneeling on the floor, facing her and carefully sucked the end of a wooden stick gymnastics.

At the end of a stick, a red felt-tip pen, mark were applied. Oksana gave her instructions – shared experiences. Jasminlive com.

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