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She kissed his cheek and Radu, singing some simple tune, ran down the hall.

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“By the way, would treat a girl” – mentally cursed herself Rada, removing rumpled bed, still keeps the smell of Alice. – “Well, nothing, when she comes back, we will arrange it something delicious.”

Gleb appeared completely inaudible. Rada shivered suddenly heard his voice.

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– Listen, dear, – turned to him glad. – Firstly, you scared me. Secondly, I ask you to continue to apply any sound before you walk into the room, so I …

– … Managed to hide in the closet lover. – Fun finished Gleb.

– That I did not die of a broken heart – laughed Parliament. – Speaking of surprises, my dear. Tomorrow we have a little holiday …

– Oh, I beg you, – he winced. – We’re agreed that Mark all quietly and behind the scenes. Free cuckold chat.

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