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End of the Great Harmony marked devastating wars across the galaxy, there was a second era of Chaos. Dark ruler, King and Queen Beryl metals overthrew the Silver Millennium.

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Queen Villages life paid for their treachery and deceit.
Now, when ripe new sovereign of Crystal, Princess Yue, we have a chance to restore justice.

I ask you, Ray, you’re with me!
– Yes, Amy! Dispose!

– I do not want to dispose of, I want to love you! – Answered sincerely guy. As a sign of good will, I’ll take you to Yui, you’ll see all by herself!

Let’S Go?
– Let’S Go!
The guy charmed her with his fathomless green eyes, a warm body.

In this family, so familiar. From the voice of the past, of which did not come back on another. Dirty gay webcam rooms.

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